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My Hobbies


I met Kirk through a previous therapist. He has Cerebral Palsy as well.  Kirk introduced me to Web Design.  We enhance each other’s lives by introducing new opportunities to one another. Somehow God keeps us in each others’ lives to support one another. 

My computer makes the world accessible to me.  Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7® offer Mouse Keys®, an On-Screen Keyboard®, and a Magnifier®. These programs are a great help to me. Amazingly, I used a special keyboard called Intellikeys Classic® from 1993-2009.  I originally use it as a big Qwerty Keyboard.   After I lost the ability to type with my fingers, my dad helped me figure out how to use the Intellikeys Classic Keyboard® as a mouse with my left foot.  In 2009 Voc Rehab made me a new device. The engineer took a Roller Plus Joystick® and added keyboard buttons.  It’s amazing and compact.    

Another form of technology that I use is EZ Keys®. EZ Keys® is a word prediction program that saves keystrokes. It is a very advanced communication program as well, which I need now that I am going out on my own.  Microsoft changed the way the On-Screen Keyboard® works in Windows 7®, so it does not work with EZ Keys®. Due to this, I had to start using the built-in on-screen keyboard in EZ Keys®. I worked with the company to get a Qwerty Layout, so I could keep my efficiency.  EZ Keys® gives disabled people control. 

I also use NaturalReader®. NaturalReader® is a screen reader.  It also allows you to save text as a MP3 file and import it into a document such as PowerPoint, or listen to it on any computer or MP3 Player.  These programs combined allow me to have access to everything anyone else has access to on the computer.  I am thankful to have computers, which offer me many opportunities that I would not other wise have.

I keep up with friends and family through e-mail. I enjoy creating greeting cards, business cards, picture shirts, and picture DVD’s for myself, friends, and family.

Swimming is also a favorite activity of mine.  The lifeguards assist me in and out of the pool. Using a Waterway Babies Neck Float gives me the freedom to get a good workout. I have regained many abilities by swimming.

I also enjoy looking at pictures of friends and family.  I like listening to country music.  Alan Jackson is my all-time favorite artist. I went to an Alan Jackson concert in October of 2008.  Medical shows are intriguing to me. I enjoy listening to audio books in my spare time too.  My favorite pass time is visiting with friends.

Papall was one of the special people in my life. We did a lot together. Papall and I had a special bond. He gave me his love for technology.

I attended Camp Burnt Gin every summer. Camp Burnt Gin is a camp for physically and mentally disabled children.  They added a young adult session for some young adults to attend and visit old friends.  Camp gives parents a break, and allows children to have fun and to mature. Camp Burnt Gin prepared me to live on my own.  I did not always enjoy camp, but I am glad my parents introduced me to it.

In order for me to travel and visit people I had to buy a handicapped accessible van. I use a Ricon Clearway Split Platform Lift.  I have four point Sure-Lok tie downs.  You push a button and the Sure-Lok tie down is tight.  My van provides opportunities for me to participate in activities with friends and family.

My life may be different in many ways from able body people, but many aspects are the same.  I thank God for all of the opportunities, people, and gifts that he has blessed me with.

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Brantley's Business Card


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Brantley's Business Card
Brantley at Camp Burnt Gin 2000

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