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My name is Brantley G.B. I have Cerebral Palsy, which is a neurological disability. I was deprived of oxygen at birth. When my brain sends a message to my body it gets mixed up like when you play the telephone game.  Due to Cerebral Palsy, I am also visionally impaired.  My eyes move around, which makes it difficult for me to focus on small objects or fonts. I have a speech impediment as well. God has used me through out my life and enabled me to prosper and make a difference in my community. 

I walked in a walker built out of PBC Pipe created by my dad from around age 3 until age 13, when I grew and lost many physical abilities. After this growth spurt I was left wheelchair bound. With Godís help and the use of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill at Trek Physical Therapy, I am walking again in a Kaye Anterior Support Walkers with Forearm Supports. I now have a Pride G6 Edge® with tilt and seat-elevation.  This chair raises me up to a standing height, which provides me with independence and social acceptance.  I strive to socialize and contribute to society.

I am a member of the South Carolina Library for the Blind and Handicap® and Learning Ally®. I get books on CDí, four sided tapes, and downloads, which can be played at high speeds. With this technology, I have read novels at 350 words per minute.  I also use Amazon Kindle for PC®. This program lets me enlarge ebooks, so I can see and navigate books on my computer. After I communicated with Amazon®, they added a Text-to-Speech feature to read the pages out loud.  I used a piece of equipment called Clarity CCTV Deskmate® throughout my high school career.  I graduated from high school in June of 2008 with a diploma and a major in Business Technology. 

I graduated with honors, an Associate's in Computer Programning, certificates in Database, Application, and Enterprise Programming. I maintain websites and social media for people.

I also have a Surface Pro 3 with Bluestacks Android Emulator and PhraseExpress to help me communicate in public.  I use the PointIt Bluetooth Joystick with my tablet. These devices enable me to contribute to society. 

In 2013 a professor and I presented at a faculty in-service at my college on enhancing the classroom with disabled students to improve the comfort and acceptance of students with challenges.  We made a video illustrating how easy and rewarding it is to interact with people like myself. I pray I will have more opportunities to enlighten people and bring comfort to interacting with disabled people.

 I am also on the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board, (PAIDD).  Protection and Advocacy, (P & A) is a great agency that provides legal and advocacy services for disabled people.  They also educate the society on accommodating disabled people.

I own my own home and have assistants through United Cerebral Palsy, (UCP) who come in and assist me.   I use the IRIS System to help make my house accessible.  I never dreamed I would own a house and be independent.  This is truly Godís work!

Many people assume if someone is physically disabled they are mentally challenged as well; however, this is a huge mistake.  Many disabled people have a lot to offer. With determination, Godís help, and help from others, we can have outstanding accomplishments!

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